Laws & treaties

Expedited emergency game & fish rules

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is authorized by law to establish game, fish and general natural resource protection regulations. The most common ways of making these rules are the permanent rule process and the expedited emergency rule process.

Emergency game and fish rule documents

Permanent rule process

Expedited emergency rule process

Reading the emergency game and fish rules
The emergency game and fish rules are available here, but we strongly recommend you read the permanent rules and statutes as well. Only by reading the permanent and emergency rules together is the full effect of the rules clear.

The permanent rules, statutes and new laws ("session laws") related to natural resource are available at the Minnesota State Legislature Web site.

Once you've found and read the permanent rule or statute in which you are interested, take a look at the related emergency rule. The emergency rules usually have the same numbers as the rules and statutes. Check the effective dates of the emergency rule.

Emergency rules are formally published in the Minnesota State Register, but are not located on the Minnesota Office of the Revisor of Statutes.

To get copies of expired emergency rules, please contact the DNR Information Center with your request.