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20596 Highway 7
Hutchinson, MN 55350

Anglers who fish in McLeod, Meeker, Sibley, Nicollet, Brown, Redwood, Renville and western Wright county areas benefit from the management, habitat and oversight work of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' Hutchinson area fisheries staff.

Area Fisheries Supervisor Scott Mackenthun and a staff of three full-time and one part-time employee manage 94 fishing lakes and 38 rivers and streams, including popular fishing destinations such as Minnie-Belle Lake, Belle Lake, Washington Lake and much of the middle Minnesota River. TheseLicense Dollars At Work lakes offer fantastic walleye and bass fishing, great panfish action and the Minnesota River remains a fantastic angling resource for a variety of fish species.

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At work for you

A Hutchinson area fisheries crew checks a trap net.

A Hutchinson area fisheries crew checks a trap net.

  • Managing and stocking rainbow and brown trout in four streams and Little Mud Lake for a unique southern Minnesota fishing opportunity.
  • Producing an average of more than 4,000 pounds of walleye fingerlings from up to 19 shallow lakes for stocking Hutchinson area waters and statewide needs.
  • Acquiring critical habitat and angler access by managing and maintaining more than 54 Aquatic Management Areas totaling 933 ownership acres and 134 easement acres. This includes 238 acres and 9,736 feet owned along Minnesota River near Redwood Falls.
  • Public engagement, education and outreach through six annual youth environmental education events, lake association meetings, periodic KDUZ Radio talk shows, FarmFest, Avid Angler group and providing fish to county fairs.
  • Monitoring the Minnesota River for fish species richness and diversity in conjunction with the DNR's Minnesota River regional fisheries team and other DNR fisheries offices.
  • Partnering with other DNR divisions, local governments and organizations to do fisheries and wildlife conservation projects such as the 7-Mile Creek trout habitat improvement; Spring Creek and High Island Creek stream restorations; and Silver and High Island Lakes (Sibley County) restoration and adaptive management.

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Welcome! the lakes and streams within the Hutchinson Fisheries Management Area. The management area includes over 550 water bodies found in Brown, McLeod, Meeker, Nicollet, Redwood, Renville, and Sibley counties. Those managed for fishing include over 50 lakes, 8 kids fishing ponds, 5 trout streams, and 5 major rivers including the Minnesota River.

Southern region fishing outlook

The remaining water bodies consist of small streams and ditches, wetlands, shallow waterfowl lakes, and natural ponds used for walleye production. In addition to water bodies, Hutchinson Area Fisheries manages parcels of land as Aquatic Management Areas (AMA) to protect fish habitat and promote angling access. Our clientele include sporting clubs, lake associations, and thousands of anglers that fish in the management area annually.

General Information

Surveys of fish populations and aquatic habitats are carried out periodically on each managed lake or stream. The information collected is used to monitor fish populations, evaluate management activities, and to develop new management plans. These reports contain information on fish populations such as abundance, sizes, age, and growth rates. Along with fish information, the reports include information on water chemistry, shoreline and watershed characteristics, aquatic vegetation and much more.

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Contact our Hutchinson staff

Scott Mackenthun Area supervisor 320-234-2550, Ext. 223
Gene Jeseritz Assistant area supervisor 320-234-2550, Ext. 224
Chris Foster Fisheries specialist 320-234-2550, Ext. 227
Hanna Anema Fisheries technician 320-234-2550, Ext. 228
Tim Cross Fisheries research scientist 320-234-2550, Ext. 233
Hannah Brown Habitat technician 320-234-2550, Ext. 246
Tony Sindt Minnesota river specialist 320-234-2550, Ext. 236
Eric Katzenmeyer Minnesota river specialist 320-234-2550, Ext. 237
Michael Wolf Minnesota river specialist 320-234-2550, Ext. 234
Sacia Matheson Office administrative specialist 320-234-2550, Ext. 222