Trumpeter swan restoration project

Nongame Wildlife Program

Helping trumpeter swans

Two trumpeter swans on a lake.

How you can help

Keeping track of the nesting and wintering population of the more than 2000 wild trumpeter swans now in Minnesota is no easy task. Rescuing injured or diseased individuals, monitoring breeding success, and protecting nesting pairs from inadvertent human disturbance involves biologists and concerned citizens statewide.

Close-up view of a trumpeter swan cygnet.

You can help by:

*Birds tagged by restoration projects are distinguished by the color, code and type of marker they are wearing. The MN DNR, Hennepin Parks and Michigan DNR use orange and green wing tags. Hennepin Parks, Wisconsin DNR, Iowa DNR and Lacreek National Wildlife Refuge in South Dakota use yellow, green and red collars.