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Prairie restoration at Wild River State Park

Hands-on learning opportunities for school classes at Wild River State Park: help with the Native Prairie Restoration Project.


Do these activities by themselves, combine several during a single visit, or do a series of visits (for example, fall, late fall, and a follow-up in spring) to provide continuity and reinforce learning.

The Wild River State Park naturalist will preface these activities with a general explanation of why the park is restoring prairie and other natural habitat. This short program also will include background on the task your class will do or observations your students can make during your visit.




Late fall/winter

Winter/early spring

Spring again

Fall again

Any time

Educational benefits

The Native Prairie Restoration Project at Wild River State Park offers many educational benefits:


Planning your day(s) at the park


Please contact the park naturalist for additional questions: (651) 583-2125.

*Reference guide: Prairie Restoration For Wisconsin Schools, University of Wisconsin - Madison Arboretum, 1993. Contains guide on planning a restoration, an extensive set of classroom and field activity guides, a thorough bibliography, and growing and seed-germinating data on plant species native to Wisconsin prairies and savannas. (Most are also native to Minnesota.) Order from UW-Madison Arboretum, 1207 Seminole Hwy., Madison, WI 53711.