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By texting one of the following text strings below to GOV311 (468311) you will be signed up to receive SMS (text messages) on your phone from the Minnesota DNR.



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List Description

Fall Colors Update FALL Until the leaves fall off, we'll notify you each Thursday with a list of all the Minnesota state parks where fall colors are peaking that week.
CO Weekly Report WEEKLYREPORT Receive notification when the weekly report of CO activities is available online. (Tuesday mornings)
DNR Public News Releases NEWS Sign up to receive all news releases and other news from the DNR. These are usually sent out on Mondays and Thursdays but can come at any time as needed. This list is not meant for media. If you are with the media, please contact steve.carroll@state.mn.us or julie.forster@state.mn.us
DNR Volunteer News VOLUNTEER Receive quarterly emails on updated seasonal volunteer positions with the Minnesota DNR. Special volunteer opportunities, trainings, and news will be sent out occasionally.
WebCam - Eagle Cam EAGLECAM This list will keep you up to date on happenings with the DNR's eagle web cam
WebCam - St. Paul Peregrine cam FALCONCAM Updates on nesting peregrine falcons from the DNR camera in downtown St. Paul.
Legislative News LEGISLATIVE Receive weekly updates on the legislative session related to the DNR on policy and budget related issues. Also includes summary documents and other related information pertaining to legislative interactions related to the DNR.
Surplus Equipment Auctions SURPLUS This list will notify subscribers of auctions where DNR equipment will be auctioned off, usually through the Department of Administration.
Confiscated hunting and fishing equipment auctions CONSALE Used to inform the public about upcoming confiscated hunting and fishing equipment auctions. These are held on an as needed basis.
AIS News - Aquatic Invasive Species AIS This list will keep you informed about changes to aquatic invasive species laws and species information such as Asian Carp, Zebra Mussels, Spiny Water flea, Eurasian Water Milfoil, Purple Loosestrife and more. You will also be notified if information changes or is added to the AIS web pages on the DNR web site.