Weekly Conservation Officer's report

District 15 - Marshall area

Last updated: 2017-12-11

CO Jim Robinson (Slayton) spent the week checking hunters and conducting investigations. Deer and pheasant hunters continue to enjoy warm weather. Muzzleloader season ended rather quietly. Several ice anglers are creeping out on new ice. Snowmobile safety was taught in Slayton.

CO Arnaud Kpachavi (Benson) reports working the close of the muzzleloader deer season and continuing to check pheasant hunters. Pheasant hunters reported poor success though many said they had seen roosters at a distance. The officer saw more people beginning to venture out onto the ice but warns that ice is still thin and most area streams and rivers are still open.

CO Craig Miska (Ortonville) focused enforcement efforts towards deer, pheasant, and goose hunting activity. Anglers are again venturing onto ice on local waters. Please use caution if venturing onto the ice.

CO Luke Gutzwiller (Madison) continued to follow up with several deer investigations. Officer Gutzwiller would like to remind the public to use extreme caution when venturing onto areas of ice at this time. Pheasant hunters checked said they were able to find some birds in cattail areas. Hunters reported the ice is extremely thin and not safe in many areas.

CO Andrew Dirks (Worthington) worked pheasant and muzzleloader deer hunters throughout the week. Enforcement action was taken for hunters not wearing blaze orange and ATV operation violations. Several investigations are ongoing.

CO Ed Picht (Montevideo) checked pheasant hunters, deer hunters, and ice fishermen. Remember when venturing out on early ice to have ice picks or other means to self-rescue. TIP reports were investigated regarding big game cases. Assistance was given to an injury accident on a state highway.

CO Matt Loftness (Marshall) spent the week working trapping, pheasant hunting, and muzzleloader deer hunting enforcement. Time was also spent working on hunting and trapping investigations. The last weekend of the muzzleloader season was busy. Some lakes are starting to freeze over but extreme caution needs to be used by ice fishermen. A couple inches of fresh snow brought out the first snowmobile activity.

Lake Benton vacant.

Redwood Falls - vacant.