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Approved Firewood

Firewood approved for use on DNR-administered lands includes:

  • firewood sold by the DNR and specifically approved for use at a particular state park, state recreation area, state forest campground, or other state land.
  • firewood purchased from an approved DNR firewood vendor that meets one of these two conditions:
    • non-ash firewood harvested from Minnesota lands within 50 miles of where it will be used. Be sure to keep your receipt to show proof of purchase.
    • minnesota Department of Agriculture–certified firewood that has been treated for EAB. Be sure to keep your receipt to show proof of purchase.
  • kiln-dried, unpainted, unstained dimensional lumber that is free of any metal or foreign substances. Pallet wood is not approved firewood. Dimensional lumber does not require proof of purchase.


To find a firewood vendor approved for your state land destination, check the DNR approved firewood vendor listing.

Approved DNR firewood

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