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Commercial Frog Licenses

A commercial frog license is required to sell any MN DNR regulated frogs for purposes other than bait. A permit issued by the MN DNR is required to import any live frogs. Licenses or permits are not required for frogs or toads that are not listed.

MN DNR Regulated Frogs

Common Name
Scientific Name
northern cricket frog Acris crepitans
Cope's gray tree frog Hyla chrysoscelis
gray tree frog Hyla versicolor
spring peeper Pseudacris crucifer
Western chorus/Boreal chorus frog Pseudacris triseriata
bullfrog Rana catesbeiana
green frog Rana clamitans
pickerel frog Rana palustris
northern leopard frog Rana pipiens
mink frog Rana septentrionalis 
wood frog Rana sylvatica
American toad Bufo americanus
great plains toad Bufo cognatus
Canadian toad Bufo hemiophrys
plains leopard frog Rana blain
southern leopard frog Rana utricularia
pig frog Rana grylio
river frog Rana becksheri


Open season

The open season for frogs is May 16 to March 31.

Angling License Required

A person may not take or possess frogs without an angling license if the person is required to have an angling license to fish. A person may possess frogs up to six inches long, without limit if the frogs are possessed, bought, sold, or transported for bait.

Frogs used for purposes other than bait

A permit is required to purchase, possess, transport, sell or take frogs for purposes other than bait. Frogs must be longer than six inches when taken or possessed for purposes other than bait. All licensees are required to keep records on forms provided by the MN DNR. There is no limit on the number of frogs that can be possessed up to six inches long for bait or over six inches long with a permit.


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