Minnow Dealer Employees

Online Aquatic Invasive Species Training for Minnow Dealers and People Working Under a Minnow Dealer License

If you are a Minnow Dealer or a person working under a Minnow Dealer license (unless you only sell minnows at a retail location), you are required by law to complete an online Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) training course prior to taking, selling, or transporting for sale minnows within the state. 


Course Basics

Computer System Requirements for the training

Instructions for the training (MUST READ)


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After you print the page out, you should cut the certificate out so it will be a convenient size to carry with you. You may keep it in your wallet, place it in a plastic cover available for luggage tags and attach it to your work gear, buy a lamination sticker from an office supply store, have it laminated at a copying shop, or another process that makes it easy for you to keep it protected and in your possession when working. You may print out as many copies as you'd like.