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Liberalized fishing opportunities

Unlimited Fishing SignLakes are opened to liberalized fishing when a fish population is endangered due to the lack of oxygen available in the water. These lakes are opened so that the public can take fish before they die. Lakes opened to liberalized fishing have signs posted at the public access or along the shore, and announcements will be made in the local newspaper and through the DNR Section of Fisheries central office in St. Paul.

Fish taken from lakes opened to liberalized fishing usually are lethargic and located near the bottom of the ice or near springs. Anglers should use caution and check ice conditions before beginning to fish on opened lakes. These lakes may be restocked with fish next spring after ice-out.

Rules for taking fish from lakes opened to liberalized fishing:

Area Office ID No. Lake County Legal Description Information Opens Closes
Waterville 24004400 Freeborn Freeborn Click for lake location and information 9/1 11/1