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Wooden Gifts

Wooden gift ideas. Candle holder, card, cutting board and three pine trees.

Look around. Can you spot a product within your reach that is made from trees? Thousands of items are made from wood harvested from Minnesota's forests. Forests products make up 47 percent of all raw materials used in U.S. manufacturing. Minnesota's forest products industry has a $16.1 billion economic impact.

Wood is renewable, beautiful, and durable. The harvesting of trees and production of wood products has significantly less impact on the environment than most other materials. Forest products can be sourced locally rather than mined, manufactured, and hauled across the country.

When trees are turned into wood products such as furniture, homes, or a child's toy, carbon is stored indefinitely, keeping it out of the atmosphere. Well-managed forests return to forests after they are harvested. According to the U.S. Forest Service, today Minnesota has 23 million more large trees than it had 60 years ago.

According to the U.S. Forest Service today Minnesota has 23 million more large trees (over 19" in diameter) than it had 60 years ago.

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Wood is versatile. It is sturdy but flexible, light weight but strong. Wood products are long lasting and easily repairable, allowing them to be passed down to future generations.

Wooden toys are eco-friendly and built to last, making them a good investment. Many are designed to be educational and encourage imaginative play.

Gifts for the adults in your life can range from cell phone case, memory boxes, Christmas tree ornaments, hand-carved statues to a simple letter opener. Many wood products can be customized and personalized. The choices are endless.

Looking to buy wooden toys or even a gift for a co-worker, a friend, or your child's teacher? You will find plenty of options by searching the web. Craft or gift shows and locally-owned gift shops are great places to find unique gifts made from wood. When bought from locally reputable brands and retailers, these gifts are high-quality and provide years of enjoyment and memories.