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Hunting private land - safety guidelines

Before the hunt

The search for permission to hunt private land should begin months before the hunting season. You need permission to hunt on private agricultural land even if it is not posted.

During the hunt

Landowners who permit you to hunt on their land are doing you a favor and placing their trust in you. To prove their trust was not misplaced:

Hunters Enter at Own Risk

A landowner who allows persons onto his or her land free of charge for recreational purposes (including hunting), as defined by Minnesota Statutes chapter 604A, is generally not responsible or liable to such persons for injuries or damages they might sustain while on the land. For complete details, please refer to Minn. Stat. Ch. 604A.20-604A.27.

After the hunt

Remember that you are a guest on another person's property. Make an effort to express your appreciation for the opportunity to hunt the land.

The wise hunter might also:

At all times remember that landowners who give you permission to hunt their property are doing you a favor.