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Hunting licenses and lotteries

Residents On Leave

Who have maintained legal residency in Minnesota (must have a valid MN DL or Public Safety ID) and who are serving in the U.S. Military and stationed outside the state may:

Residents Discharged

Resident Veterans

With proof of a 100 percent service-related disability may obtain a free Small Game License (241) and a free Firearms (242), or Muzzleloader (240), or Archery (243) Deer License from an ELS license agent. In addition, a 100% disabled veteran is exempt from purchasing state pheasant or waterfowl stamps, but must purchase a federal duck stamp to hunt waterfowl. Disabled veterans with 100% service connected disability will receive first preference in drawings for special deer hunts, bear and turkey permits.

Note: Military personnel and veterans who are issued firearms deer licenses under these provisions may take antlerless deer, but are restricted to bucks-only hunting in those lottery deer permit areas that have an either-sex permit quota of zero. To participate in special deer hunts, they must apply and be drawn. They may also purchase bonus permits.

Resident Veteran 100% Permanent Card

Resident Veterans who have 100 percent permanent service-connected disability as defined by the United State Department of Veterans Affairs may apply for a permanent card that may be presented to an agent annually to receive a free Small Game and/ or a Deer License. This card will assist with the process of receiving these types of license’s, however it is not mandatory. All eligibility requirements must be meet prior to receiving the license(s).

Application maybe found here

Residents of Veterans homes

Resident Purple Heart Recipients

Must purchase licenses, but will receive first preference in drawings for antlerless deer permits, bear and turkey permits.


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Firearms safety training

A person who is on active duty and has successfully completed basic training in the US armed forces, reserve component, or National Guard may obtain a hunting license or approval authorizing hunting regardless of whether the person is issued a firearms safety certificate. (They must be on active duty, home on leave with leave papers (they then qualify only for that time frame). Once discharged or no longer on active duty, they must complete the firearms safety training course or online adult course the same as all others born after Dec 31, 1979.)

A person who has successfully completed basic training the US Armed Forces must complete the firearms safety certification (same as all others born after December 31, 1979), by either attending a classroom course or completing the on-line course. These individuals would be exempt from the Field Day components of the Classroom or Home Study course by providing proof of basic training, i.e., discharge papers (DD214), or current military identification to the instructor conducting the course. The firearms safety certificate is valid throughout the U.S. Go to

See also regarding the apprentice safety training two year exemption. The Apprentice Hunter Validation is available to residents and nonresidents. It does not meet any safety requirements for other states. Those using this exemption must hunt with a licensed hunter whose license was not obtained using an apprentice hunter validation.


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Fishing licenses

The following are Exempt from Fishing License Requirements:


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Cross country ski pass exemptions


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Minnesota State Park vehicle permits

Any active military service personnel can get a free annual Minnesota state park vehicle permit. Bring your qualifying military ID, and let the park attendant know your military status when you arrive.

Any veteran with any level of service-connected disability can get a free annual Minnesota state park vehicle permit. Bring a copy of your determination letter or Veterans Affairs Healthcare I.D. indicating a service connected disability and a photo ID, and let the park attendant know your military status when you arrive.


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Minnesota Conservation Volunteer magazine

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