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General C.C. Andrews State Forest


Forest Landscape: The terrain in the forest is level to gently rolling. The soils in the forest are the result of the sandy outwash from melting glaciers. Several small lakes are found in the forest, and the Willow River passes through it.

Management Activities: Timber harvesting, reforestation, wildlife habitat improvement, and recreational development occur in the forest. Wildlife management includes creating permanent openings in the forest to produce forage for deer and planting shrubs to produce seeds and berries to benefit birds. The DNR also protects the forest and surrounding areas from wildfires.

History: Settlement of the forest began in the late 1800s. Many settlers, however, found the sandy soils unsuitable for growing crops and abandoned their farms, letting the land revert back to Pine County. In 1939, the state acquired these lands from the county and established the General Andrews State Forest Nursery. The area not needed for the actual nursery operation was managed for timber products and wildfire. In 1943 the entire area, including the nursery, was organized into a state forest. Over the years, the Minnesota Legislature enlarged the original forest reserve to its present size. The DNR manages 70 percent of the area, with the remaining 30 percent of the land within forest boundaries being privately owned.

Acres: 7,770

Year Estab: 1943


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