Jay Cooke State Park

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Recreation Facilities


Picnic Area

2 Areas

The two areas include River Inn by the main office and Oldenburg Point one mile past the park office on Hwy. 210.

Picnic Shelter

Open Shelter and Enclosed Shelter

Oldenburg Point shelter This is a PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download it. is a two to five minute walk from the St. Louis River overlooks and includes a fireplace plus electricity. It is an open shelter that can be reserved by calling the park. Rental does not include exclusive use of any overlooks or surrounding day use areas. Special use permits are required for any ceremonies or large set-ups outside the shelter. Please inquire with park staff with any questions.
The River Inn shelter located near the park office is enclosed and includes a fireplace and electric outlets. It is open to the public during normal office hours.


Warming House

River Inn Interpretive Center

Open to the public during normal office hours. Includes fireplace, picnic tables, bathrooms with flush toilets.