Reservations required

Same-day reservations now available

All campsites in Minnesota state parks and recreation areas now require a reservation before they may be occupied. We strongly recommend you make your reservations before leaving home, because cell phone coverage and wi-fi can be unpredictable at some parks.

For those who prefer to be spontaneous, we offer same-day reservations with no reservation fee, whether you're booking your site from home, from the road, or even from the park. Reserve a site online Friday morning and be camping in it that same night!

Common questions about these changes

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How can I find out what sites are available for a same-day reservation?

How do I make a same-day reservation?

What if I don't have a credit card (or don't want to use one) to make my reservation?

Why do all campsites now require reservations?

Do I need to plan a year in advance?

If everything is reservable now, does that mean I need reservations year-round?