County Geologic Atlas Program

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Stearns County Geologic Atlas

Number: Atlas C-10

Published in three parts:


Part A - Geology


Date: 1995

Scale: 1:100,000 and 1:200,000

Publisher: Minnesota Geological Survey (MGS  external link)

Contents (PDF and GIS filesexternal link):


Part B - Hydrogeology


Date: 1998

Scale: 1:100,000

Publisher: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Ecological and Water Resources Division


Part B - Buried Aquifer Map Supplement

preliminary data - available only on-line


Date: 2007

Scale: 1:110,000

Publisher: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Division of Ecological and Water Resources

Contents: Preliminary cross sections and composite maps of shallow sand and gravel aquifer systems.


Composite maps of surficial and shallow buried aquifers:

Cross sections:


Part C - Text Supplement


Date: 1996

Publisher: Minnesota Geological Survey

Contents: Text supplement (PDF and GIS files external link):