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Lake Superior Boating Guide - A guide to boating on the Minnesota side of Lake Superior.

The many shipwrecks along the North Shore are tragic reminders of the power and fury of Lake Superior. That power is something every paddler must respect and not underestimate. The same dramatic features that enrich the shoreline experience, such as lake cliffs, can pose serious hazards to unwary paddlers. Placid summer waters can change in minutes to life-threatening conditions, and cliff areas can prevent paddlers from seeking safety on shore. Paddlers need to be prepared mentally and physically to deal with these conditions and possess the paddling skills necessary to assure their own safety and that of others. Local marine weather forecasts should be monitored before and during any trip on the lake. Paddlers need to understand the implications these forecasts have on overall lake conditions, as well as the shoreline area they plan to travel. Wave heights can be greatly increased by shoreline features and currents.

Safety training and gear

Safe travel

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